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Photoblog Skin

01/01/07 by
Photoblog Skin

The Photoblog skin was designed in order to showcase photos through a photo blog.

This skins works best when showing one single post at a time, where the photo is "linked" to the post (not embedded as an img tag). The photo is then displayed with the post appearing as a caption in a box below the photo.

This skin also includes a photo index feature where all photos are displayed as thumbnails is a "contact sheet" style.

This skin was developed fro b2evolution 2.x and is compatible with newer versions.

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Comment from: Daniel Strite [Visitor]
Daniel Strite

I recently upgraded from an ancient 2.0 b2evolution version. PhotoBlog is the only skin that shows my photos wide enough. The problem is that the “index” link in the upper right hand corner doesn’t work. It goes to a “Photo Index” page instead of a list of postings. Is this a bug or a feature that I’m not using right.

12/20/12 @ 05:15 am

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